Mum and Baby

Prenatal Program: Postpartum Home Visit Follow-Up

As prenatal educators we frequently see future parents focusing mainly on labour and birth and less focus on the post birth period. When we see these couples after the birth they tell us they wish they had focused more on the information related to newborn care and parenting.

This postpartum visit offers the opportunity for you to ask questions, talk about your birth experience and help ease your transition into parenthood. This home visit is open to everyone. You do not have to have taken any prenatal classes with us. We will be happy to visit your home at any time in the first few months after your baby’s birth.

Postpartum Visit includes:

  • Providing information related to baby care, coping as new parents, mother's postpartum healing
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Helping new parents build confidence in caring for their newborn(s)
  • Providing the opportunity for the couple to sit down and talk about their birth experience, and or parenting experiences (to date)

**If our assessment determines that your situation needs the assistance of other health care professionals, we will provide you with resources to contact and / or we will assist you in contacting the appropriate professional.

Gift Certificates Available

Cost: $150 + tax per visit*
Generally sessions last 2 hours.
Cost may vary depending on length of visit.
*travel expenses may need to be added depending on location.

Both cheque and cash are accepted forms of payment and can be paid at the time of the visit.

To book a visit, please contact either Barbara Jones or Barbara Webster
by telephone at 514.482.5108 or by Email.